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Grit & Kin

1950's Lightweight Denim Work Apron

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1950's Selvedge Denim Work Apron. Lightweight, soft and comfortable. The perfect Apron for that warmer weather work or for ease of movement. This is a great apron shape for someone who doesn't want a long apron or one that will feel restrictive. Tie it up tight or wear it a bit loose, it has some room in it. Rounded at the bottom edges for a slightly different shape.

Denim strap up top is stitched securely. Side ties are also denim. 

One pocket made of slightly lighter denim sits at the top of the apron and is separated into three smaller compartments. 

Tiny little hand-stitched mend from original owner. Black patch with small stitching to hold it. See photos. 

Condition: Overall this apron is in good condition. As you can see from the photos there is one hole worn through the front and the part of the pocket at the top has come loose at the corner. All simple fixes if you choose to, otherwise it is ready to rock as is. 

Width | 35"
Length | 33" (top of bib to bottom of apron)

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